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Audiovisual – Facility Services is a branch of Leds4Dance Group, created in order to cope with the need that corporate customers have for audiovisual equipment when organising events.

We specialise in providing equipment and highly qualified human resources essential to the production of events, allowing you to carry out your desired project in the space you chose, regardless of its characteristics.

We are able to provide specialised technicians who will monitor your event providing technical support services in already equipped spaces but that do not have qualified personnel for this purpose. We call these technicians “Technical Babysitters”, and you just need to tell us what kind of material exists, the time and place of your event, and then we will take care of everything so that you will have nothing to worry about.

In spaces with little or no experience in lodging events, we have a large experience in planning and executing all audiovisual projects, taking into hand the plan from its start, checking the site and its potential environment, assessing all needs and providing the necessary technical means. We study the space, rent and install all necessary audiovisual equipment.

If you find the area you selected haven’t got the necessary conditions for your project, that is no problem. With our help, that will be no longer an obstacle: tell us what you need and what your goals are, and focus solely on your guests. We will carry on ourselves so that the result will be perfect.

So that nothing is missing in your presentation, conference, meeting, seminar or any other event with audiovisual needs, we can provide a wide range of solutions, specialised equipment and technicians for any kind of event.

Equipment rental and technicians

We provide equipment rental and technicians for the installation of all audiovisual equipment necessary to carry out any event.

Specialised technical support

We supply and displace qualified professionals for technical support services to spaces already equipped with audiovisual equipment.

Audiovisual installation projects

We are experts in planning and executing sound projects from environmental study and technical requirements, up to the final installation.

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